HENERAL LUNA Teaser Trailer

A historical epic film set during the Philippine-American war, Heneral Luna follows the life of one of Philippine History’s most brilliant military men, General Antonio Luna, as he tries to lead his countrymen against colonial masters new and old, and to rise above their own raging disputes to fulfill the promise of the Philippine Revolution.

Coming in 2015.



Hauled Halloween Hangover

You all are probably long over halloween and costumes but here are some of my favorite looks and disguises from this year:

Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

by Dawn Davis of Cosmopolitan.com

Of all the amazing celebrity costumes we’ve seen so far this Halloween, Kim Kardashian’s has got to be our favorite. It’s not only because of originality or sexiness, but because her makeup was seriously brilliant. If you’re thinking about taking a page from Kim’s book and trying your hand at Poison Ivy tonight, here’s what we recommend to get the look right:

It’s all about the eyelashes. Kim is known as a lash goddess, so we’re not surprised that she amped up her signature style even more for Halloween. Start with a four strips of major false lashes—for both the top and the bottom of each eye. We like Revlon Fantasy Lengths because they come pre-glued so you don’t have to deal with a messy tube.

Add a glossy, mocha lip. This Maybelline shade is almost identical to what Kim wore on her pout.

Finally, attach the leaves. The green eye “accessories” are a must-have. Make your own and glue them directly to your skin with Spirit Gum—it’s available at most costume supply shops.

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Heidi Klum as the Invisible Woman

click on photo to watch How-To Video

Morphing into a “invisible woman” costume that resembled the inside of the human body not only required a great costume team with Martin Izquierdo, but a makeup expert as well! To complete the look, I hired Academy Award-winning makeup artist Bill Corso, known for creating stunning transformations for characters in films including Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullXmen and Planet of the Apes.

Here, he shares the step-by-step three-hour process for my costume makeup, using MAC liquid makeup, silicone medical adhesive, an air brush, contact lenses and much more.

Corso’s first task? To make me bald, a process achieved by keeping hair stick straight against my neck and back and adding a bald cap to get a smooth effect, then applying silicone medical adhesive.

Then, it was time to add the rotten teeth made by my dentist Gregg Lituchy.

Step 3? Get rid of the eyebrows! Corso glued down my brows and added a prosthetic, then used cream color all over my head, neck and face.

Next, it was time to add red cream to the face to match the intense red of the bodysuit, then it was time to paint, air brush, add sealer and put in color contacts. The final step? It was time to be glued into the suit before finally hitting the red carpet.

But the hardest part might have come later that evening, when it all had to come off with a de-gluing process that took more than a half hour!

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Dia De Los Muertos

Of course there willl always be the beautifully theatrical, skeleton-inspired makeups from Mexican culture.

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