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with Grace of G Force
with Grace of G Force
shot in front of a green screen
shot in front of a green screen
















behind the scenes with Ritz of G Force
behind the scenes with Ritz of G Force





















Ritz during the shoot
Ritz during the shoot



















Sacha with choreographer Jason Zamora and photographer Xander Angeles
Sacha with choreographer Jason Zamora and photographer Xander Angeles





















Ursides by Nadia Wicker

At first glance the photos look like captured firework displays and after a while your eyes find the face. Its a great play of light and color. Certainly makes interesting photos.

When asked what inspired her in an interview with, makeup artist and photographer Nadia Wicker says about the Ursides series,

My love of makeup! The possibilities of creation and metamorphosis are infinite with makeup! With Ursides, I wanted to show myself differently and I wanted to get a result which does not inevitably remind one of a photo.

To know more about Nadia Wicker and Ursides, visit 

Dug up Dirt

Came across the Myspace blog I kept when I worked in Greenbelt in the afternoons while studying makeup in the mornings three times a week.

Amongst other things HBO‘s Six Feet Under was on its first season, during which time I quite frequented Guijo and always bumped into someone I knew, listened to Cibo Matto, probably dressed better, lined up for 8 hours to get my graphic novels signed by Neil Gaiman, and what is most evident in the posts, I had just discovered html codes on my dial-up enabled desktop computer.

I will never forget the first promotional prints I worked on for Filigrenasia. (click on image to view blog post)

What a journey! I look forward to so much more and do my very best to live today excellently. I don’t even remember my username or password so there’s no way to edit my angsty or silly comments, but that is me, gratefully saved by grace.

Happy Halloween!

After you’ve exhausted collecting candy as a kid, the next best thing about Halloween is getting disguised. Here are two looks designed for a feature on Manila Bulletin. Trick or treat!

For this look, I used a vinyl bald cap, silicone prosthetic alien ears (made the night before) glued with pros aide and finished with pros aide cream.

To color the bald cap, I neutralized the haircolor with an orange based cream foundation, then used an ivory cream foundation mixed with a luminizer for the next 2 layers applied with a pourous sponge.

Brows were blocked before foundation was applied on the face. I used the same luminous shade as on the head and the ears.

Powder was dusted all over to finish the base color then eyes were colored in a bright pink. To shade and contour, I used a dark violet shade.

This look was inspired by the Demon character in Randy Daudlin‘s book Reel Characters.

The horns were pre-made the day before using rubberized plastic, textured with bathroom tissue, and colored with acrylic colors.

Blue green veins were painted on on the face and neck first to look intrinsic using Skin Illustrator and the tiniest brush in my character kit. Then shades and shadows were applied to make the model look wrinkly. She had zero for me to base on, so I had to use my imagination creating them.

Four layers of liquid latex was applied to stretched skin to achieve the textured wrinkles around the eye area and all over the face and neck.

Using rolled up balls of tissue and pros aide cream, I textured the skin further on the inner corner of the brow bone to give her a scowl and on the ends of the nose for a bat like appearance.

Horns were then applied using pros aide and texturized further with 3rd Degree and a final layer of color using alcohol activated Skin Illustrator.

A deep and bloody red was applied on her lips to match the blood seemingly coming from her newly emerged horns.

my character kit and the devil behind me!

And here are the final looks for the Halloween Feature! Photography by Rxandy Capinpin.



Materials used here should only be used by a professional.

Application can take very long. Allot enough time for removal as well.