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How to Put Your Face On In 7 Minutes (Daytime)

Article by: Ria Sharon, Practical Mommy

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What I lack in skill and style, my sister Carmen (professional makeup artist) more than makes up for! I have a whole day’s worth of practical tips for all us busy, self-care-starved moms. Today we covered an easy, every day makeup routine.

So Carmen says…

Makeup is just like painting and coloring, right? We start with the outlines. Then we fill in with color. I like to think of daytime makeup as the outlining part. Our goal is to define the features. So we just want to even out the skin tones, outline, and then just add a little color.

Start with a tinted moisturizer. This a great way to save time. You get 3-in-1. It moisturizes, evens skin tone, and if it has SPF, it also protects your skin. And don’t forget that SPF isn’t just for the sun but for computers too, mom blogger! Don’t forget the neck too. Lots of people forget and then their face is lighter than their neck from sun exposure.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, use an orange-toned that counters the blue. For puffy eyes, apply the concealer just where the shadows are so it doesn’t accent the puffiness.

My trick: dab concealer on the outside of your eyes and also the corners of your mouth. Use a brush and stroke upwards. These are the parts that tend to droop over time. So what you are doing is counteracting the shadows. It makes you look younger. :) YSL makes a concealer pen for easy quick application but a lot of brands have them now. It’s a liquid concealer that comes with a built-in brush applicator.

Brows are important because they frame your face. Obviously, you can have them shaped professionally and then just maintain the shape at home. But to really define them, start with clear mascara. That keeps them in place, like hair spray for your eyes. Then use a pencil or powder to fill in. Whichever one you choose, use strokes that follow the grain of your eyebrows.

I always like combining different colors for blush because when you think about it, you have more than one color in your natural palette. I apply a more neutral tone, usually orange/earth-tone based, which will give you a healthy glow. Apply it wherever the sun naturally hits — cheekbones and ridge of the nose. Then I add a pink-toned blush (which also makes you look younger) on the apples of your cheeks. Another trick: make an X with your brush that criss-crosses over the apples of your cheeks. This gives you a concentration in the middle without the clownish circles.

Lip Gloss
Start with a lip base, that fills in the lines (I even use this for men during photoshoots). For daytime, I add a little bit of color just to up the contrast a bit but I think too bright lipstick makes people look older. It’s the grandmas that put on bright red/pink/orange.

Eye Liner
My best friend is black liner. Black really brings out your eyes. I’ve noticed that brown sometimes makes your eyes look tired.

Start from the middle. My strokes are slightly slanting upward. But after you apply, you can smudge it so it’s not so “lined!” You can use a small tapered brush or a Q-tip or in a pinch, your finger.

I usually apply liner on the bottom for pictures. For the bottom lid, apply shadow or powder-based liner instead of a pencil. I apply it from the outer eye just to the middle.

Curl and apply mascara.

Mascara — you have to replace every few months so this is one product that I advise I not to get expensive brands. Maybelline — the one in the pink and green applicator.

And there you have it… some industry insider tips on putting your face on. Tune in next week for going from day to night!

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High waist & Pantaloons: Meg June 2010

Got to work with my good friend, Rache Que for a 2-page spread in Meg Magazine on the latest fashion trends: high waist & pataloons! Many thanks to Mega Publishing & the whole team!

  Make up by: Carmen Reyes

Hair by: Michael Murano

Photography by: Ron Mendoza & Marc Jacob

Creative Direction & Digital Imaging by: Teej Napumuceno

Sittings Editor: Pipay Reyes

Styled by: Rachelle Que

Model: Catriona Gray (IM Agency)

Jeepney Magazine

April 2010

I got to work with some friends in a shoot for an article in Jeepney Magazine.

Jeepney Magazine is a street newspaper sold by the poor and homeless in the Philippines.

It was launched in March 2008 with two purposes: to write for and about the poor, and to provide them with jobs to make a living.
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Taken at 15th Avenue Elementary School

Make-Up Artist: Carmen Reyes
Stylist: Rachelle Que and Stephen Reed

Photography by Mikki Eduardo (Imagine Nation Photography) & Karen Ilagan