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The no-makeup makeup seems to be all the rage these days, with celebrity photos popping up bare-faced. Some still pretty, some surprisingly even prettier, some not so much..

Elizabeth Olsen
Lindsay Lohan

But what if you can’t afford it? I know with the easy access to phone cameras and instant sharing, I wouldn’t dare. Here’s a quick 5 minute fix to make you and I less camera shy.

First of all, prepare beforehand and keep your brows groomed. If you absolutely don’t have time or simply can’t do it yourself, have it professionally done. Then simply maintain it by removing any growth. Keep a tweezer near your toothbrush and make it part of your nightly routine.

Something just as important is to moisturize. If your moisturizer has sun protection better. If it is tinted, then that is best! The Balm’s Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF18 does all these. Dab dots on your forehead, cheeks and chin and spread in an upward motion.




For a mattifying finish, try Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer SPF15 with Dermaxyl Complex. Use the tinted moisturizer and then the primer and you double the purpose and compound its sun protection.

We’re down to two minutes!

Next up, liven up the face with color. A quick way is to use The Balm’s Stainiac Tinted Gel Blush which works for lips and cheeks. That way you won’t have to worry about matching cheek and lip color. Line up three dots of the product on each cheek and quickly spread. Then dab on your lips and pucker up. It will give the most natural, born-with-it color into your face.

For extra moisture and a healthy plump shine, dab light gloss on your lips and you’re out the door.


The Deal with Primers

“Do I really need it? Which one should I get? What is it really for?” I get asked often. Here’s what I think about the top makeup primers available at Beauty Bar Philippines.

First of all, KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE.

If you have dry skin, try a hydrating primer. It prevents flaking which makes your foundation look uneven. It’s also handy to travel with when the stress of long flights and sudden change in temperature takes a toll on your skin.

 For oily skin, try a lightweight mattifying primer. You don’t need a lot, about a pea-size amount spread around your face, concentrating on the oilest parts of the face: forehead, nose and the corners of the nose. Try mixing it in with your favorite liquid foundation for a barely-there makeup look.


If you have sensitive skin, use a light-weight primer that is free of talc, perfumes and chemical dyes. It’s great for pregnant women who don’t want to worry about unnecessary ingredients.

When going through skin treatments that leave your complexion redder than usual, or if you fell asleep under the noonday sun a day before taking your graduation picture ( I speak here from experience), use a color correcting primer. In this case, a green-tone will neutralize that redness in the skin.

A pink/lavender-toned color corrector will liven up pale and sallow skin, which explains the popularity of BB Creams particularly in the Asian market. And if you have dark spots, a yellow-tinted primer is for you! It will neutralize the darkness and even out your skin tone.

Lastly, KNOW THE DESIRED MAKEUP EFFECT: luminous vs. matte

A luminous skin finish will diminish the appearance of lines while a matte skin finish a more flawless, airbrushed look. I usually mix a pearlized primer with a liquid foundation so it doesn’t look overly luminous or oily, especially on camera.

So, do you really need a primer? Honestly, when in a rush, it’s one of the first things skipped, but always have it in routine for special dress up days or when I know I’m going to need to look my best the whole day.

Let confusion be gone about foundation primers and try one! Test drive your favorite foundation first without the primer. See how smooth it spreads, how long until you need a touch up. Then try it with a primer and compare. If you don’t have the luxury of a trial period, try it on the back of your hand.

ck one Color Collection

Ah grunge. This brand has always had deep roots in my… olfactory nerves. A whiff of the unisex fragrance takes me back to 1994 when the most stressful feat to face was homework. So it wasn’t absurd that it caught my attention when launched as an independent brand early in 2011 as cK one.

And last month ck one launched its color collection, which I have yet to try but already think I love because of it’s philosophy on self-exploration and enhancing what exists already, rather than transformation or dramatization. Read more on the launch by The Moodie Report here.

Despite the discontinuation of the Calvin Klein Collection, a makeup range by Unilever Cosmetics International in 2003 and again by Markwins in 2008, the ck one following might be more welcoming to its simplified approach to beauty, embracing individualism and defying stereotypes. It is said to be authentic, confident and cool – all core values of the wider ck one brand.

I am especially eyeing the handy foundations in capsule-like packaging, perfect for tossing in your tote on those don’t-think-just-say-yes travel plans. Knowing it comes in SPF is pretty nifty too.

Happy Halloween!

After you’ve exhausted collecting candy as a kid, the next best thing about Halloween is getting disguised. Here are two looks designed for a feature on Manila Bulletin. Trick or treat!

For this look, I used a vinyl bald cap, silicone prosthetic alien ears (made the night before) glued with pros aide and finished with pros aide cream.

To color the bald cap, I neutralized the haircolor with an orange based cream foundation, then used an ivory cream foundation mixed with a luminizer for the next 2 layers applied with a pourous sponge.

Brows were blocked before foundation was applied on the face. I used the same luminous shade as on the head and the ears.

Powder was dusted all over to finish the base color then eyes were colored in a bright pink. To shade and contour, I used a dark violet shade.

This look was inspired by the Demon character in Randy Daudlin‘s book Reel Characters.

The horns were pre-made the day before using rubberized plastic, textured with bathroom tissue, and colored with acrylic colors.

Blue green veins were painted on on the face and neck first to look intrinsic using Skin Illustrator and the tiniest brush in my character kit. Then shades and shadows were applied to make the model look wrinkly. She had zero for me to base on, so I had to use my imagination creating them.

Four layers of liquid latex was applied to stretched skin to achieve the textured wrinkles around the eye area and all over the face and neck.

Using rolled up balls of tissue and pros aide cream, I textured the skin further on the inner corner of the brow bone to give her a scowl and on the ends of the nose for a bat like appearance.

Horns were then applied using pros aide and texturized further with 3rd Degree and a final layer of color using alcohol activated Skin Illustrator.

A deep and bloody red was applied on her lips to match the blood seemingly coming from her newly emerged horns.

my character kit and the devil behind me!

And here are the final looks for the Halloween Feature! Photography by Rxandy Capinpin.



Materials used here should only be used by a professional.

Application can take very long. Allot enough time for removal as well.

What KT Wore.

Being a makeup artist, I get to work closely with clients, literally, like 6 inches away. I have worked with Kate Torralba before, but this time we got to really sit down and converse. It was uplifting relating to the struggles of an artist and missing Los Angeles, and how we are certain there is so much more to this life than just being happy and successful.

She is legendary in fields of both fashion and music, boldly stating her taste in every output, but this new season of her life introduces followers to the illustrious mind that is Kate, vibrantly patterned and multi-hued as her designs but in the same tranquility as her music. Watch out for What KT Wore.

'hoot hoot' as Kate captions in her facebook profile picture (click on photo to be redirected to her profile)

KT & me

workspace on top of that tablecloth that is 'so Kate'